(How) do we continue?


Dear players, I have been thinking for a while while talking to the team, but I just don't know how to continue . I would appreciate it if you  read this entire message carefully and then cast your vote. When only a few people  vote, I have to fill in something myself, and that may be the end of the server.



VexCraft, we have been around for 7 months now, sometimes it does feel just like yesterday , but it has been 7 months already. In that time a lot has happened, where we started as a small server, we have grown into a server with more than 500 players who have ever joined, and records of 18 players at the same time on the server. Unfortunately it is not so rosy lately, we are only with a maximum of 7 players at the same time on the server, and that is the same as 7 months ago, so we are back to square one… ..










































Now there are other setbacks as well, so the spawn and some of the shops of skyblock are unfortunately corrupted, I could those to rebuild them but the player count isn’t there anymore for skyblock. 


Minigames, they have been online for a long time, when space becomes available in the menu in the hub, because skyblock may go out, we can put quake and speed directly in the menu. Among other things, because these game modes can already be played with 2 players, and so we hope that those modes get a little more attention.


Survival …… the game mode that most players play on, and also the mode, why players come to our server. Unfortunately, it is currently the case that players become overpowered very quickly, we want to change this. This will hopefully ensure that players continue to play longer and more actively on the server and vote more often. To do this we want to set minimum prices on the following items:

Ores, elytra's, books, slim balls, shulker shells and items from ocean temples.


Now I would like to hear from you what you want, I have a few options:

Option 1: close skyblock, adjust survival economy, change mini-games  (more alone, pvp, and promote findability)

Option 2: Open skyblock, adjust survival economy, change mini-games (more alone, pvp, and promote findability)

Option 3: Skyblock open, no survival economy adjustment, minigames closed

Option 4: Skyblock closed, no survival economy adjusted, and mini-games closed

Option 5: Close the server


When there are very few votes, I am really going to think about closing the server, ofcourse, the map will then be published. And VexCraft will continue in the modpack servers.


Even when there are enough votes, modpacks servers are going to be opened to increase the VexCraft network.